CSE590F: ICTD Seminar – Autumn 2011

ICTD - Information and Communication Technologies for Development

We will meet on Tuesdays 1:30-2:20 in CSE 203.

Also consider attending and registering for the Change Seminar/Lunch on Thursdays 12:00-12:50 in CSE203.  This is a less formal and more inter-disciplinary seminar where we’ll be hosting some external speakers as well as discussions of some of the work going on in the many ICTD-related groups at UW.  Check out UW Change.

Interested students meet weekly to discuss recent research in the ICTD field.  The format is fairly standard for research seminars in the department.  First, all participants read a research paper (see the table below for the readings selected for this quarter) chosen from recent publications.  A discussion leader is chosen to present a short summary of the paper (15-20 minutes) and close with a series of questions raised by the paper.  The summary should include the larger context of the paper (research group, evolution of the work, context in which it is being applied, etc.).  The questions raised by the discussion leader serve as a starting point for discussion of the work among all the participants.

Typically, students register for a single credit and are expected to lead or co-lead one session and participate in each of the meetings.  Students may register for more credit by prior arrangement with the instructor.

Please sign up for the seminar mailing list.  You can find the mail archives here and links to the webs of earlier quarters here.

The focus of the seminar will be the new NSF Smart Health and Well Being project that is starting this fall.  The seminar will discuss various background papers starting with the grant proposal, and then moving on to papers on technologies and problem domains.

Here are some initial references:

·         Grant Proposal

·         ODK ICTD 2010

·         ODK IEEE

·         Digital Green  

·         eIMCI

·         Ramachandran, Mobile Health Messaging

·         ODK Tables

·         Motech lessons learned

·         ODK and IVR

·         Vaccine Delivery Innovation Initiative


Tentative Schedule



Discussion Leaders

October 4



October 11

Grant Proposal

Robert, Rohit, Yaw

October 18



October 25

Motech Lessons Learned


November 1



November 8

Mobile Health Messaging


November 15

Vaccine Delivery Innovation

Nate, Rita

November 22

No Seminar


November 29



December 6

ODK Tables