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 CSE 590F, Computing and the Developing World, Winter 2007
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Winter 2007

The seminar meets Wednesdays, 3:30-4:20 pm, in EEB 054. Course organizers will be Richard Anderson (Anderson@cs), Paul Javid (pjavid@cs), and Tapan Parikh (tapan@cs).

The course will take an application-centric perspective on computing in the developing world. By investigating application-driven demands for computing technologies, we hope to derive a better understanding of what technologies, systems and applications will be useful in this context. At the end of the course, we will survey current technical research in this area, to assess its relevance and potential impact given our derived domain understanding. The course will be conducted in the seminar format, with weekly readings and discussions led by student teams.

Possible topics:

  • ICT and Agriculture: Commodity Value Chains
  • ICT and Agriculture: Agri-Extension and Certification
  • ICT and Microfinance: Management Information Systems
  • ICT and Microfinance: Branchless Banking
  • ICT and Healthcare: Telemedicine
  • ICT and Healthcare: GIS and Public Health
  • Current Research in ICTD: User Interfaces
  • Current Research in ICTD: Low-cost Devices
  • Current Research in ICTD: Networking


DateTopicDiscussion LeadersReferencesSlides
1/3/07Course IntroductionTapan Parikh  
1/10/07TelemedicineChandrika Jayant, Rosalia Tungaraza Analysis of Information and Communication Needs in Rural Primary Health Care in Developing Countries A. Martinez, V. Villarroel, J. Seonane, and F. del Pozo, IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, Vol. 9, No. 1, March 2005
A Study of a rural telemedicine system in the Amazon region of Peru A. Martinez, V. Villarroel, J. Seonane, and F. del Pozo, IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics 2006: Asessing Informtion Technologies for Health.
Design and implementation of an automatic message-routing system for telemedicine Richard Wootton, Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, Volume 9, Supplement 1, 2003
Telemedicine - the way ahead for medicine in the developing world Tropical Doctor, January 2003.
Slides 1

Slides 2
1/17/07Public Health and GISYaw Anokwa and Ruth AndersonThe application of geographical information systems to important public health problems in Africa

Challenges in using geographic information systems (GIS) to understand and control malaria in Indonesia
Slides 1

Slides 2

Dissemination of Agricultural Technologies through Interactive Multimedia Compact Disc (IMCD): An Innovative Approach
1/31/07Agricultural Extension using ICTsCarl Harting and Mitchell Slep SimCorn - A Software Designed To Support Site-Specific Nutrient Management for Farmers of Small Parcels in the Tropics

Rural Radio In Agricultural Extension: The Example of Vernacular Radio Programmes on Soil and Water Conservation in N. Ghana
Slides 1

Slides 2
2/7/07Agricultural Supply Chains using ICTsPaul Javid and Tyler RobisoneChoupals: A Study on the Financial Sustainability of Village Internet Centers in Rural Madhya Pradesh

Trust building in agri-food markets with computer-mediated business relationships
Slides 1

Slides 2
2/14/07MicrofinanceBrian DeRenzi and Neb TadasseSoftware implementations: what have we learned?

Rural Microfinance Service Delivery: Gaps, Inefficiencies and Emerging Solutions
2/21/07Developing a Research AgendaRichard Anderson Challenges by SectorSlides

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