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 CSE 590F, Computing and the Developing World, Spring 2007
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Spring 2007

The seminar meets Wednesdays, 3:30-4:20 pm, in EEB 042. The course organizers are Richard Anderson (Anderson@cs) and Tapan Parikh (tapan@cs).

We will start out the term by reading The End of Poverty by Jeffrey Sachs and then turn our attention to several papers focusing on technology.


DateTopicDiscussion LeadersReferencesSlides
3/28/07The End of Poverty I  Chapters 1-3 
4/4/07The End of Poverty II  Chapters 10-14 
4/11/07Internet use (and non-ues) among urban microenterprises  Jonathan Donner, AOIR 7.0 
4/18/07SMSBrian DeRenziAdrian Mukhebi, KACE 
4/25/07Long distance wireless networkingColin DixonWiLDNet  
5/2/07Wireless NetworkingNatalie Linnell  Slides
5/16/07From Computer Scientist to Global Health TechieNeal Lesh  PPT
5/23/07Cell phones in educationTBD Matthew Kam, CHI 2007 
5/30/07e-Governance Case StudiesVolodymyr Lysenko Case StudiesPPT

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