CSE590D: Computer-Based Learning Environments

## Live Programming: Concepts and Applications, including Musical Performance Live programming involves **programs and systems that continue running as they are developed**, reflecting changes immediately. In this short video, [Extempore](https://extemporelang.github.io/), a **musical live coding** environment, provides auditory feedback as part of an improvised performance:
### About this seminar * **Organizers:** Steve Tanimoto, Edward Misback, Ben Kushigian * **Credits: 1-3** * **Graded: no** * **Open to grads in CSE and other relevant programs.** #### Goals Become acquainted with an "extreme" form of programming in which programs are edited while they are running. We'll consider a mix of issues: semantic, language-design, implementation, as well as applications, especially in musical improvisation and performance. #### Activities Read/present/discuss papers and try out systems. Most participants will summarize and lead discussion on one or two papers or systems during the quarter.

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