Tarski's World (Java Applet)

If you were using a Java-enabled browser, you would see Tarski's World instead of this paragraph.

This is someone's java implementation of the real Tarski's World. It doesn't have all the functionality but is still fun to play with. I've created formula and world files for some of the examples from the Tarski's World website. In order to load these files, you need to run the code as an application, not an applet. Download tarski.jar and type "java -jar tarski.jar" or "java -classpath tarski.jar ch.ethz.inf.rs.Tarski".

These are the default world and formulae that come up when you run the java version. default.fml default.wld
These are the examples on the first page of the tarski world website. tarski1.fml tarski1.wld
These are the Peirce's world and Peirce's sentence examples. peirce.fml (this has all the formulae, but you can't see them all in the java program so I've also split them up into peirce1.fml and peirce2.fml) and peirce.wld
These are the Aristotle's sentences. The goal is to build a world where the sentences are all true. aristotle.fml
Like Aristotle's sentences, the goal is to make all of the sentences true by modifying the world. In this case, the objects are all in place, but you must assign names. Since we start getting into logical statements that the java version can't handle (it doesn't have the BackOf and FrontOf predicates), I stopped entering worlds and formulae after this. See if you can get the labelling right, even though you have to compute the truth of some of the statements yourself. maigret.fml maigret.wld
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