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  CSE 590CWi '19:  Reading & Research in Comp. Bio.
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 Course Info    CSE 590C is a weekly seminar on Readings and Research in Computational Biology, open to all graduate students in computational, biological, and mathematical sciences.
When/Where: Mondays, 3:30 - 4:50, MEB 234 (room info)
Organizers: Sreeram Kannan, Bill Noble, Larry Ruzzo, Yuliang Wang
Credit: 1-3 Variable
Grading: Credit/No Credit. Talk to the organizers if you are unsure of our expectations.
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 Theme This quarter's discussion will focus on an assortment of student-selected topics.
 Date  Presenters/Participants Topic Details
01/07---- Organizational Meeting ----
01/14Daniel; WangEstimating Immune Cell Content From Bulk + sc RNAseqDetails
01/28Ian; NoblePolypharm Side Effects & Graph Convolutional NetsDetails
02/04Gabe; Ruzzo***Snow Day*** Dynamic Network PredictionDetails
02/11Shunfu; Kanan***Snow Day*** Comparative analysis of single-cell RNA-seqDetails
02/25Alex; RuzzoA Predictive Model of TranscriptionDetails
03/04Nao; RuzzoDeepVariant (Deep learning for SNP calling)Details
03/11Johannes; RuzzoDeepSEA (Deep learning for chromatin code)Details
 Papers, etc.

  Note on Electronic Access to Journals

The UW Library is generally a paid subscriber to non-open-access journals we cite. You can freely access these articles from on-campus computers. For off-campus access, follow the "[offcampus]" links below or look at the library "proxy server" instructions. You will be prompted for your UW net ID and password.  

01/07:   -- ---- Organizational Meeting ----

01/14: Estimating Immune Cell Content From Bulk + sc RNAseq -- Daniel; Wang

  • M Schelker, S Feau, J Du, N Ranu, E Klipp, G MacBeath, B Schoeberl, A Raue, "Estimation of immune cell content in tumour tissue using single-cell RNA-seq data." Nat Commun, 8, #1 (2017) 2032. [offcampus]

01/21:   -- Holiday

01/28: Polypharm Side Effects & Graph Convolutional Nets -- Ian; Noble

02/04: ***Snow Day*** Dynamic Network Prediction -- Gabe; Ruzzo

02/11: ***Snow Day*** Comparative analysis of single-cell RNA-seq -- Shunfu; Kanan

02/18:   -- Holiday

02/25: A Predictive Model of Transcription -- Alex; Ruzzo

  • R Bonneau, MT Facciotti, DJ Reiss, AK Schmid, M Pan, A Kaur, V Thorsson, P Shannon, MH Johnson, JC Bare, W Longabaugh, M Vuthoori, K Whitehead, A Madar, L Suzuki, et 6 al., "A predictive model for transcriptional control of physiology in a free living cell." Cell, 131, #7 (2007) 1354-65. [offcampus]

03/04: DeepVariant (Deep learning for SNP calling) -- Nao; Ruzzo

  • R Poplin, PC Chang, D Alexander, S Schwartz, T Colthurst, A Ku, D Newburger, J Dijamco, N Nguyen, PT Afshar, SS Gross, L Dorfman, CY McLean, MA DePristo, "A universal SNP and small-indel variant caller using deep neural networks." Nat. Biotechnol., 36, #10 (2018) 983-987. [offcampus]

03/11: DeepSEA (Deep learning for chromatin code) -- Johannes; Ruzzo

 Other Papers Other suggested topics/papers that didn't fit the schedule:
  • Alex suggested: gene regulatory network inference and the applications of GRNs in understanding biological phenomena could be an interesting theme. In addition to two already picked for presentation on 2/4 and 2/25, other potentially relevant papers include:
    • JS Desai, RC Sartor, LM Lawas, SVK Jagadish, CJ Doherty, "Improving Gene Regulatory Network Inference by Incorporating Rates of Transcriptional Changes." Sci Rep, 7, #1 (2017) 17244. [offcampus]
  • Yuliang suggested transcriptomic profiling of the tumor microenvironment, including our 1/14 paper (a computational benchmarking of several methods aimed at enumerating immune cell infiltration in the tumor microenvironment) and
    • E Azizi, AJ Carr, G Plitas, AE Cornish, C Konopacki, S Prabhakaran, J Nainys, K Wu, V Kiseliovas, M Setty, K Choi, RM Fromme, P Dao, PT McKenney, RC Wasti, et 4 al., "Single-Cell Map of Diverse Immune Phenotypes in the Breast Tumor Microenvironment." Cell, 174, #5 (2018) 1293-1308.e36. [offcampus]
    (single cell RNA-seq of several breast cancer samples from different subtypes. It's biologically interesting, and there is also some computational method (clustering, batch effects etc.) discussed.)
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