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  CSE 590CAu '18:  Reading & Research in Comp. Bio.
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 Course Info    CSE 590C is a weekly seminar on Readings and Research in Computational Biology, open to all graduate students in computational, biological, and mathematical sciences.
When/Where: Mondays, 3:30 - 4:50, EE1 026 (room info)
Organizers: Sreeram Kannan, Bill Noble, Larry Ruzzo, Yuliang Wang
Credit: 1-3 Variable
Grading: Credit/No Credit. Talk to the organizers if you are unsure of our expectations.
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 Theme This quarter's discussion will focus on, well, any interesting comp bio topics.
 Date  Presenters/Participants Topic Details
10/01---- Organizational Meeting ----
10/08Erin, Sean; Ruzzo5' UTR DesignDetails
10/15Daniel; RuzzoscRNAseq & SplicingDetails
10/22Yue; YuliangSpatial Expression TrendsDetails
10/29Kitty; RuzzoSingle-Molecule Interaction ProfilingDetails
11/05Nicasia, Arman; NobleFDR ControlDetails
11/19Lee, Andy; RuzzoIgnoring Important GenesDetails
11/26Gabe; RuzzoComputational Drug RepositioningDetails
 Papers, etc.

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The UW Library is generally a paid subscriber to non-open-access journals we cite. You can freely access these articles from on-campus computers. For off-campus access, follow the "[offcampus]" links below or look at the library "proxy server" instructions. You will be prompted for your UW net ID and password.  

10/01:   -- ---- Organizational Meeting ----

10/08: 5' UTR Design -- Erin, Sean; Ruzzo

10/15: scRNAseq & Splicing -- Daniel; Ruzzo

10/22: Spatial Expression Trends -- Yue; Yuliang

10/29: Single-Molecule Interaction Profiling -- Kitty; Ruzzo

11/05: FDR Control -- Nicasia, Arman; Noble

11/12:   -- Holiday

11/19: Ignoring Important Genes -- Lee, Andy; Ruzzo

  • T Stoeger, M Gerlach, RI Morimoto, LA Nunes Amaral, "Large-scale investigation of the reasons why potentially important genes are ignored." PLoS Biol., 16, #9 (2018) e2006643.

11/26: Computational Drug Repositioning -- Gabe; Ruzzo

  • JE Sagers, AS Brown, S Vasilijic, R M Lewis, MI Sahin, LD Landegger, RH Perlis, IS Kohane, DB Welling, CJ Patel, KM Stankovic, "Computational repositioning and preclinical validation of mifepristone for human vestibular schwannoma." Sci Rep, 8, #1 (2018) 5437. [offcampus]
 Other Papers Other suggested topics/papers that didn't fit the schedule:
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