Computer Graphics Seminar

Meeting Information

Fridays 1:30 - 2:30
Allen Center CSE 403


Aditya Sankar
Qi Shan


The format will be similar to that used in previous years. At the beginning of class we'll discuss last week's papers as a class followed by presentation and group discussion of two new papers. Each student will be expected to present 1-2 papers (depending on attendance). The time in each class will be approximately structured according to:

25 min Present last week's papers and reviews, and discuss as a class.
5 min Present problem statements for this week's papers.
20 min Break into groups and discuss this week's problem statements and brainstorm possible solutions.
10 min Each group summarizes discussion to the whole class.

Note that we have a one hour seminar instead of the usual 1.5 hours. Try to keep the presentations and problem statements crisp and short.


Date Presenters Problem Statements
4/18/2014 Aditya 3D Selfies
4/25/2014 Ricardo Data-driven Hallucination for Different Times of Day from a Single Outdoor Photo
4/25/2014 Anton Facial Perfornamce Enhancement Using Dynamic Shape Space Analysis


The schedule for paper presentations will be decided during the first meeting. Each paper discussed in class will require two presentations. First the problem which the paper attempts to solve is briefly described at about 25 min into class. The idea here is to give the class a clear idea of what the paper is trying to do without giving a significant hint as to how it does it. Often it is useful to show some of the results or video from the publication here. After group discussion and brainstorming, we'll gather as a class to discuss our ideas for the paper. The presenter should take notes of significant and/or interesting points that are raised. The following week the presenter will describe the techniques used by the authors to solve the problem and should compare/relate this to the ideas brought up during the previous week's discussion.


CVPR 2014
SIGGRAPH Asia 2013
CVPR 2013