Meeting information
Time:    Fridays 1030a - 1150a
Place:    CSE 403
Mira Dontcheva
Noah Snavely
We are bringing back the pipelined format from last year, with a few changes. The biggest is that each student will be expected to review several papers throughout the quarter. Here is how each class will be structured:
10 mins Summarization of paper from previous week.
20 mins Summarization of reviews from previous week / class discussion.

10 mins Presentation of problem statement for this week's paper.
25 mins Break into groups and discuss, focusing on evaluation of problem statement (is this a good problem?), and brainstorming how one might go about solving the problem.
15 mins Each group summarizes discussion to whole class.
As in last year's seminar, papers are discussed before they are read (since the papers are to appear in SIGGRAPH 2006, we assume people aren't familiar with them). We hope that this encourages more engaging discussions and creative thinking.

Each student will review two sets of papers during the quarter (dates will be assigned during the first meeting). The goal of reviewing papers is to encourage thinking about the quality (of ideas, writing, etc.) of the papers discussed. Reviews will follow the SIGGRAPH format, and will be discussed the week after the papers are presented.

Note: Remember to read the papers after the presentation.
Date Presenters Topic Papers Reviewers

April 7 Mira Dontcheva
Noah Snavely
Image Aesthetics and Salience Studying Aesthetics in Photographic Images Using a Computational Approach
Detecting Irregularities in Images and in Video

April 14 Ian Simon
Christian Fuchs
Appearance and Light Transport Time-Varying Surface Appearance: Acquisition, Modeling and Rendering
Acquiring Scattering Properties of Participating Media by Dilution
Due April 20th, 8pm

April 21 Aseem Agarwala
Alex Colburn
Computational Photography Removing Camera Shake from a Single Photograph
Hybrid images
Ian, Pro
Due April 27th, 8pm

April 28 Lincoln Ritter
Colin Zheng
Image/Geometry Capture Projection Defocus for Scene Analysis and Image Display
Fast Separation of Direct and Global Components of a Scene Using High Frequency Illumination
Aseem, Seth
Due May 4th, 8pm

May 5 Seth Cooper
Leith Caldwell
Animation Fluid Animation with Dynamic Meshes
Compression of Motion Capture Sequences
Keith, Alex
Due May 11th, 8pm

May 12 Keith Grochow
Craig Prince
Meshes/Surfaces Streaming Computation of Delaunay Triangulations
Editing Arbitrarily Deforming Surface Animations
Seth, Leith
Mira, Dan
Due May 18th, 8pm

May 19 Suporn Pongnumkul
Kevin Wampler
Shapes Reassembling Fractured Objects by Geometric Matching
SmoothSketch: 3D free-form shapes from complex sketches
Ian, Craig
Alex, Pro
Due May 25th, 8pm

May 26 Pro
TBD Manga Colorization
A Planar-Reflexive Symmetry Transform for 3D Shapes
Keith, Dan
Due June 1st, 8pm
The schedule and submission procedure for reviews will be established during the first meeting. Reviews should follow the SIGGRAPH format; the SIGGRAPH review form is available here. Please edit this form with your responses and submit the form using the peer review system. For SIGGRAPH paper reviewing guidelines, see here.
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