Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Spring 1999
EE1 026, T 2:30-3:20

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Date Project-related stuff Presentation
Mar 30 Introduction to FreeCiv
Reading list: get volunteers to present papers
Apr 6 Brainstorming about strategies, coalescing into teams. FreeCiv API and code base (Tessa and Corey)
Apr 13 Written project proposal due: division of labor, architecture and implementation ideas. Basic AI techniques for strategy wargames (Michael)
Apr 20   The server-side FreeCiv AI (Steve W. and Zack)
Apr 27   Case studies of commercial game AI (Kalon)
May 4 Mid-quarter status check: what's working, what's not. Hopefully we'll have some working agents by this time, and be able to start playing the agents against each other. Biddy, PyCiv, and CHG
May 11   Opponent Modeling in Poker (Jon)
May 18   Computer Bridge: A Big Win for AI Planning (Eric) Talk slides, handout
May 25   Multiple Roles, Multiple Teams, Dynamic Environment: Autonomous Netrek Agents (Geoff?)
June 1 End-of-quarter presentations! Tournament to follow during finals week.