CSE 590A: AI, Game Theory, and Social Computation


Winter 2015
Wednesdays at 3:30
CSE 403 (usually)
Dan Weld, Anna Karlin, Jonathan Bragg


Date Room Speaker / Presenter Topic
1/7 CSE 403 Organizational meeting
1/13 CSE 305 Chien-Ju (CJ) Ho (UCLA) "Incentivizing High Quality Crowdwork" and "Learning via Cost-Efficient Active Data Buying"
1/21 CSE 403 Anna Karlin Intro to Auction Theory
1/28 CSE 403 Balu Sivan (MSR) Optimal Crowdsourcing Contests
2/4 JHN 075 Christopher RĂ© (Stanford) Attend Data Science Seminar
2/11 CSE 403 Congle Zhang & Xiao Ling Gokhale et al. Corleone: Hands-Off Crowdsourcing for Entity Matching. In SIGMOD 2014.
2/18 PAA 102 Sendhil Mullainathan (Harvard) Attend Data Science Seminar
2/25 CSE 403 Ece Kamar (MSR) Synergy of Machine Intelligence and Human Computation
3/4 CSE 403 DengYong Zhou (MSR) Double-or-Nothing: A Unique Mechanism to Incentivize Amazon Mechanical Turkers to Skip
3/11 CSE 403 Jiechen Chen Bandits with Knapsacks: Dynamic procurement for crowdsourcing