CSE 590A: Current Research in Artificial Intelligence


Fall 2015
Wednesdays at 4:30-5:20 PM
EEB 045 (unless otherwise noted)
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Dan Weld, Gagan Bansal


Date Room Speaker / Presenter Topic
9/30 CSE 203 Pedro Domingos Sum-Product Networks: Deep Models with Tractable Inference
10/7 EEB 045 Emo Todorov Synthesis and stabilization of contact-rich behaviors with optimal control
10/14 EEB 045 Dieter Fox RGB-D Perception for Modeling, Tracking, Manipulating, and Identifying Objects
10/21 EEB 045 Noah Smith Learning Political Embeddings from Text
10/28 EEB 045 Sham Kakade Finding Hidden Structure in Data with Tensor Decompositions
11/4 EEB 045 Luke Zettlemoyer Towards Robust Broad-coverage Semantic Parsing
11/11 -- -- Veterans Day Holiday
11/18 EEB 045 Yejin Choi NLP with Visual and Social Intelligence
11/25 -- -- No talk because of Thanksgiving Day!
12/2 EEB 045 Carlos Guestrin Large-Scale ML: Distributed Optimization, Representations and Systems