CSE590A - Machine Reading

Spring Quarter 2010

Faculty organizer: Dan Weld

Day / Time: Wednesdays 4:30-5:20
Location: CSE 203

Machine Reading

UW is one of the leaders in Machine Reading, with most of the AI faculty supervising work in the area and many notable systems, some 'reading' at Web-scale. It's also an extremely hot topic nationally. For the most part, we will read and discuss the latest papers in the area (eg submissions to ACL-10 and recent acceptances).

Mailing List

We will not use the cse590a mailing list. Instead, announcements about the seminar will go to uw-ai. If you do not already subscribe to uw-ai, then join by sending mail to uw-ai-request@cs.washington.edu, with the line "subscribe listname" in the body of the message. You are welcome to discuss the presentations on the mailing list.


  Speaker Title
March 31st Hoifung  Machine Reading at UW (CSE login required)
April 7th Dan Continued discussion over Machine Reading at UW
April 14thCancelled  
April 21stAlan Learning semantic correspondences with less supervision
April 28thStef StatSnowball: a statistical approach to extracting entity relationships
May 5thXiao Temporal Information Extraction
May 12thHoifung Markov Logic in Natural Language Processing: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications
May 19thJanara Semantic Role Labeling for Open Information Extraction.
May 26thDan Training IE from Wikipedia
Open Information Extraction using Wikipedia
Learning 5000 Relational Extractors