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 CSE583 Assignment 4 (Winter 2000)
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See the basic page on assignments for program weights, rules for working in pairs, etc.

This assignment is due on Friday, March 10, 2000 at 5PM PST.  We will make an announcement later about the specific electronic form for turning in the assignment.   In this assignment, you have a choice of either of the following two questions.  You need to do exactly one, and only one, of the questions.

  1. Download Prograph from the Pictorius web site.  (It's a Windows version.)  Write a program using Prograph: it has to be a program of slightly bigger scale than factorial or fibonacci; in particular, it should have at least 3-4 procedures in it.  You can choose any program you wish that fits these criteria.  Your assignment is to select the program, write the program, and provide a brief (1/2 to 1 page) description of your experience with Prograph.  In particular, identify characteristics of Prograph that would make it useful, or would preclude its use, for programs of roughly 1000 lines of conventional code (such as C).  Note: you may use another visual programming language for this question, if you can find it on your own.

  2. Find and exercise two different animation of algorithms.  (A good place to start, and there may be others, is on this page.  Not all of these links will point to actual animations.)  In at most a page for each, discuss the strengths and weaknesses, from your point of view, of using such animations for education or professional training.


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