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  • Assignment #4 is posted.

  • Assignment #3 is posted.

  • The first part of assignment #2 is posted (along with scheduled due dates for #3 and #4 --- I've cancelled the fifth assignment)

  • Readings for 2/7/00 are now listed.

  • Some notes on how to find material that may be related to your mini term paper topics.

  • A simple patch to the example comparing static to dynamic scoping (I misnamed the formals to one of the functions)

  • A few minor things on the ML functions for Assignment #1

    • Writing auxiliary functions is just fine.

    • For all the functions except CountItems, the ordering of elements in the returned list is immaterial.

    • For 7a (the tails function) you can define the base case (tails []) to return either [] or [nil].

  • For you who are emacs-oriented, there is a mode defined for ML (note --- I haven't tried it).

  • Some possible topics for the mini term papers are now available; this will be a living list.

  • The due date for Assignment #1 has been corrected to Friday January 21st.

  • The page for Assignment #1 has been updated with information about how to run NT (on Unix and on Windows platforms, including freeware that's available).  Also, for information on ML itself, see Bob Harper's web page posted on the readings page.

  • You should have the first papers in the readings already; if not, check with Dave Rispoli about getting them.  I will try to make readings available on line, but it won't always be possible.

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