EE/CSE 576: Image Understanding

Spring 1999

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Comprehensive Links
Computer Vision Homepage (very comprehensive)
People in Computer Vision
Computer Vision Source Codes (free academic source codes)
Annotated Computer Vision Bibliography
Content-Based Retrieval
Qbic homepage (IBM)
Yi Li's Demo & Andy's System (UW)
Blobworld (Berkeley)
Prof. Shi-Fu Chang's Demo systems (Columbia)
Image Search Engine at Stanford
Computer Vision and Image Understanding (Accessable in UW domain)
IEEE Transaction on Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence (Accessible for subscribers)
International Journal of Computer Vision (No online access)
Machine Vision and Applications (Online access)
Online Demos & Datasets
INRIA RobotVis Demos
CMU Demos (Edge Detection, Stereo and Face)
CMU Image Database
3D Object/Model Database
Calibrated Images
CIL Stereo Dataset
Tarr Lab Dataset

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