CSE/EE 576: Project 3
Final Course Project

The final course project is a 4-week effort, including design, coding, testing, and report. The project should be chosen from one of the four listed below, with possible modifications to include your interests. Any modifications must be approved by email in advance. The four project choices are as follows:

  • Content-Based Image Retrieval (from 576 Spring 2004 web site)
  • Object Recognition
  • Tracking Moving Objects
  • Panoramas from Multiple Views (Combine projects 2 and 3 from 576 2005 web site)

    Send me email shapiro@cs.washington.edu by May 12 with your name(s), your project selection, and any personal modifications you want to make to the stated project.

    You should read and cite at least 2 research papers for your reports.