EE/CSE 576: Image Understanding

Spring 2001

About the class:
  • (March 26) Class location was changed from EE1 to MGH.
  • (March 28) Assignment 1 is available.
  • (March 29) Mailing list subscription information is available.
    I automatically subscribed all the students who are currently in the class list using "@cs" addresses for CSE majors and "@u" addresses for EE majors. If you do not want to use your current subscription address, please check the information about the mailing list so that you can unsubscribe your current address and subscribe a new one.
  • (March 29) Software page is updated. There is no need to download conrgn separately now. All the source and executable archives contain the latest versions.
  • (March 29) Software page has an update of the source code for ppmview for Windows.
  • (April 3) Yu-Yu Chou's dissertation transparencies on hierarchical classifiers are available ( ps | pdf ).
  • (April 8) Jenny Orr's notes on neural networks are available.
  • (April 11) Jenny Orr's notes on neural networks are updated.
  • (April 13) Assignment 2 is available.
  • (April 13) Software page has an update for Canny edge detector code.
  • (April 15) Software page has an update for connected components code. Thanks to Pat Tressel.
  • (April 19) Information about final projects is available.
  • (April 19) The take-home midterm will be distributed on Friday, April 27 and will be due Wednesday, May 2.
  • (April 19) There will be no class on Friday, April 20 and Monday, April 30.
  • (April 24) Software page has an update for the code for reading PPM images.
  • (May 2) We will meet at Fluke Hall on the first floor by the elevator to see demos at 1:30pm on Friday, May 4.
  • (May 17) Software page is updated with a new Canny edge detector code and links to software from the Intelligent Systems Laboratory.
  • (May 20) Qiang Ji's pose estimation paper is available.
  • Prof. Shapiro and Salvador's new paper on Spherical-Spin-Images is available.
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