Last updated 10/1/97 3:25 PM

Software information

We'll be using Allegro Common Lisp for Windows, version 3.0. It should be available on departmental NT machines. It is found under Server Apps/Lisp/Allegro CL from the Start menu.

Once it has started, the toploop window is where all commands should be entered for immediate evaluation. Tool-tip help is available for all of the buttons (move the cursor over the icon and wait briefly for a description to pop up), and on-line help is available. The most useful buttons are probably the evaluate-selection and evaluate-form icons (the ones with the => arrow in them). The latter will evaluate a definition or form in another window, if you've opened a file or new window for editing.

Where are the labs?

There are two labs with NT workstations that should be available for use, namely Sieg 231 and Sieg 232. Both labs may be used by other classes, Sieg 232 in particular. If you have one, the 1401 key should open both doors. Otherwise, once you have an account, you should be able to use your student ID to gain access to the lab. If you have trouble after you have an account in the CSEPCLAB domain, email support@cs and they should be able to make sure your ID # is added to the access control database.


You will need an account on one of the two NT domains, namely CSEPCLAB or CSERESEARCH. If you already have an NT box on your desk, you may already have an account in the CSERESEARCH domain--try your normal username and password to log in.

If you don't have an account, I've been told the following:

1) Non-CS students need to fill out an account request form, available from the CS office receptionist. Password information can be picked up from the receptionist the day after the completed form is turned in, and a student ID number needs to be supplied so your ID can open the PC lab doors.

2) CS grad students who don't already have CSEPCLAB accounts should send email to support@cs. You might want to wait on this for a while, however, as we may be able to have the appropriate directory exported to the CSERESEARCH domain. If you already have a CSERESEARCH domain account, that may be sufficient--I'll send out an announcement to the mailing list.