Steam-powered Turing Machine University of Washington Department of Computer Science & Engineering
CSE 573 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - Winter 2017
Tue, Thurs 9:30-10:50 in EEB 045
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Instructor: Dan Weld (CSE 588) TA: Gagan Bansal

Office hours: See calendar or by email.

Course Administration

Schedule, Reading & Lecture Slides

All this stuff is on the class calendar.


Programming Assignments

This quarter, we will do the Berkeley Pac-Man Projects originally created by John DeNero and Dan Klein. Please complete the versions listed below, as they differ in places from the Berkeley versions. Use Python 2.x.
Assignments will be done using pair programming with two person teams.
See the calendar for details.

Final Project

Details TBD.

Academic Honesty Policy

It is encouraged that you discuss your solutions with each other and consult online sources to better understand the material. However your code must be written entirely by yourself. As a rule, you should never look at or run anyone else's code for the assignment, whether the code was written by someone currently in the class, or someone who took it previously, even at another university.

Reading pseudocode for generic algorithms (like alpha-beta pruning or A* search) is perfectly OK. If you use a source very closely, for example, converting a pseudocode implementation of A* to python, academic integrity demands that you cite the source (in a comment). You will not be penalized for including such a comment; on the contrary, the citation may help us to understand why your implementation is so similar to someone else's, in case they use and cite the same source.
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