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Instructions for Reviewing Papers

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The reading list and schedule will tell you which papers we will be covering in each class. Before class, you must read the papers that we will discuss, and submit a summary of each paper. Summaries should be about 3/4 of a page in length, certainly no longer than one page. All submissions should be turned in by 11am the day of the class to allow me time to read them before we meet.

Scott Rose has set up an online summary submission system for us. You can access the system by clicking on the name of the paper you want to write about in the schedule of the course home page. It will take you to the Paper Review Options page. You will find three clickable options there:

  • Read the paper--- You can get the paper.
  • Read reviews for this paper --- You can read all the reviews of this paper.
  • Post a review for this paper --- You can post your review on this paper.

So, write up your review in a text file, and click on the "Post a review for this paper" on the Paper Review Options page.

Each of your reviews should have the following rough format:

  • Paper title/Author
  • One-line summary
  • The (two) most important ideas in the paper, and why
  • The one or two largest flaws in the paper
  • Identify two important, open research questions on the topic, and why they matter

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