Assignment 2 (Due 5/12/2020)
The goal of this assignment is to measure tilt using accelerometer and gyroscope data provided by phones by applying complementary filters similar to this paper .

Part 1:
Estimate bias and noise for the accelerometer and the gyroscope by taking a large number of samples when the phone is perfectly still.

Part 2:
For each of the following hold the phone perfectly still and plot the tilt over the duration of 5 minutes:
  1. using only accelerometer
  2. using only gyroscope
  3. using both accelerometer and gyroscope by applying complementary filter

Measure the tilt using both accelerometer and gyroscope data and show it on the phone while rotating the phone.

  1. Upload the demo in Canvas.
  2. PDF report for part 1 and part 2. Please include the link to your Github repository for this homework.