Assignment 1 (Due 4/24/2020)
Design an acoustic gesture recognition system on an Android or Apple phone:

(Skip if you already have Android or iPhone programming platform setup in your machine)
You can use the following links for setting up Android, create a simple project and etc:

Project implementation steps:
  1. Set up the Android/iOS app to transmit a single tone (sine wave) at 18 kHz. Use some application on laptop to analyze the spectrum to make sure signal is being received. You will have to find an application that works on laptops for audio analysis.
  2. Code up to ensure you can receive microphone data at the same time as transmitting the signal. Take an FFt and make sure the signal is at 18 kHz on the phone
  3. Write code to have a 2-gesture classifier (with push and pull gestures) similar to the soundwave paper. The video should show the signal for each of the gestures (negative doppler shift and positive dopper shift).
You have 2 and half weeks for this project. You should be able to finish up the first two steps in around a week and half and the rest for the last step.

Upload a video demoing your working phone in Canvas.