CSE 558 - Topics in Computer Graphics
Capturing and rendering shape and appearance

Spring Quarter 1998

Spring, 1998
Tue/Fri 1:30-2:50
EE Building 042
Brian Curless
Office hours
Mon/Wed, 3-4
CS 557 or equivalent.

Course abstract

Traditional modeling and rendering pipelines have largely been driven by text editors, CAD tools, procedural shaders and modelers, and discrete sampling of 3D geometric primitives. However, these pipelines have limitations when coping with complex geometry and lighting. In this course, we will explore how direct measurement of the physical world provides a powerful method for modeling complex environments. In addition, we will examine an emerging alternative to pure polygon rendering known as image-based rendering. Topics will include: The course will be a mix of lectures, readings, invited speakers, and student presentations. Students are expected to participate in class discussions, write and present a short survey/analysis paper, and do a project. For the project, we have a number of software and hardware tools available, including video and still camera equipment and a desktop 3D laser scanner.