CSE 558

Project #2:  Surface Reconstruction

Assigned:  Tuesday, April 24
Due:  Monday, May 7

For this assignment, you will work in a two person team to develop a method that inputs a set of range images and outputs a polygon mesh reconstruction of the object.  You will write code to load in pre-registered range images, construct a volume containing signed distances, extract an isosurface, and write out a polygon mesh.  The project is designed, where possible, to build on your Project #1 results--you can use your project #1 system to generate several range images.  Alternatively, we have a Cyberware laser range scanner that will be available for gathering range images.  These range images can be registered using the Scanalyze program and used as input to your reconstruction method.  We'll soon post instructions on how to run the alignment tool.  We will also provide some pre-registered scans for testing purposes.

The approach you are required to implement is a hybrid of Curless & Levoy's SIGGRAPH 96 volumetric reconstruction approach and Marching Cubes (Lorensen & Cline, SIGGRAPH 87).  Rather than applying these two methods sequentially in two separate passes, you will implement a method that runs marching cubes with "lazy" evaluation of the signed distance transform.  More specifically, you will implement a "continuation method" form of marching cubes in which you start at a seed point on the surface and march along the surface, evaluating weighted signed distance values and constructing triangles as you go.

After reading the two papers described above, you should follow these links to get started on programming:

Related Papers

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