CSE 557 Computer Graphics Grail

Winter Quarter 2000

Instruction to install Fltk on your machines

Express Installation


You are not supposed to do anything with it. Just make sure that you can access /cse/courses/cse557/local/. The given Makefile has set its path to that directory. You should be able to just type 'make' to compile the skeleton code. However, since I only tested it on few machines, it may not be the case on your desktop. Please let me know such that I can fix it.


I will suggest you grab a copy of this and unzip them to d:/local. It will make things easier. Then, you should be able to make the skeleton code by opening the impressionist.dsw.

Expert Installation


1. Install Mesa
As the first step, you must install MesaGL. You can get the source of MesaGL from here. To install it,
> gunzip MesaLib-3_0_tar.gz
> tar -xvf MesaLib-3_0_tar
> cd Mesa-3.0
> make linux-386
Serveral minutes later, you will have libMesaGL.a and LibMesaGLU.a in Mesa-3.0/lib and a directory called GL in Mesa-3.0/include. I usually prefer to copy all these files into ~/local/lib and ~/local/include such that I can access all the libraries without remembering tons of paths.

2. Install Fltk
Now, we try to make fltk. You can get the source from here.
> gunzip fltk-1_0_6-source_tar.gz
> tar -xvf fltk-1_0_6-source_tar
> ./configure 
> make
> make install
> cp fltk-1_0_6/fluid/fluid ~/local/bin
> cp fltk-1_0_6/
That's it. You will have
'fluid' in ~/lcoal/bin,
two directories, FL and Fl, in include
and libfltk.a in lib.

Now everyting is in ~/local, you need to change the value of the variable, $(LOCAL), in Makefile to ~/lcoal.


Grab the source from here. Use MSVC 6.0 to build it. There are tons of configurations within the project. I usually pick up demo and fltk.