CSE 557 Computer Graphics Grail

Winter Quarter 2000







There will be no final exam for this course.


Projects are implemented in the graphics instructional lab, which consists of 14 Intel machines running NT. The lab is located in Sieg 228.

Here is a tentative list of projects and dates:

Project 1: Impressionist
An interactive program that creates pictures that look like paintings.
Project 2: Ray tracer
A recursive ray tracer for generating simple images that model
reflection and refraction.
Project 3: Animator
An interactive modeling and animation system with a built in dynamic simulator.
Project 4: Final project
A substantial extenstion to the ray tracer or the animator. Alternatively, develop a new idea!

Projects will be graded during in-person sessions with the TA. During the grading session, the TA will run the project to make sure that it conforms to the project guidelines. The TA will then quiz individual members of the team to determine how well they understand the structure of the code, the design trade-offs, and the implemented algorithms.

One grade will be assigned for all members of the team for the project's implementation. Separate grades will be recorded for each team member's "knowledge of the project." For some of the projects, the last component of the grade will involve using your project to create an artifact, hopefully, of some artistic merit. Extra credit will be given for the nicest artifacts, as determined by class vote. Click here for more information on project grading.

Project Turn-in & Late Policy:

Assignments are due at the beginning of lecture on the due date. This means that the modification stamp on the project executable must be earlier than the start of lecture on the due date. Late assignments are marked down at a rate of 33% per day (not per lecture), meaning that if you fail to turn in an assignment on time it is worth 66% for the first 24 hours after the deadline, 33% for the next 24 hours, and it is worth nothing after that. In addition, no extra credit for bells and whistles will be awarded for any late assignment.

Exceptions will be given only in extreme circumstances and only in advance.

CSE/557 Catalog description:

Introduction to computer image synthesis, with an emphasis on the underlying theoretical principles in preparation for undertaking computer graphics research. Topics vary from year to year, but may include color perception; radiometry, photometry, and radiative transport; geometric fundamentals, including affine and projective geometry; data structures and algorithms from computational geometry; curve and surface design; numerical methods, including wavelets, optimization, and root finding; sampling theory and its relation to image and volume processing; and physical dynamics for modeling and animation. Laboratory project required.