CSE 557 Computer Graphics Grail

Winter Quarter 2000

In the past we have experienced trouble with OpenGL and its interaction with the video hardware and drivers in the graphics lab. The major symptom is the Impressionist canvas becoming garbled when you move the window around the screen. You may also have to click twice to paint every stroke on the canvas. It will look like :

If you experience this problem, first close Impressionist. Then double click on the NetPower icon (it looks like a monitor) in the bottom right corner of the screen. Select Other OpenGL Applications, Sony 20" (Model GDM-20E03), and 1280x1024. After you are done, right click on the NetPower icon again and check that Other OpenGL Applications is selected. Finally, right click in blank area of the screen and select Properies. Change the video mode to something new (maybe 1280x1024 if that is not the current setting). Making some sort of change is all that seems to matter, you can always change back. Then, it should look like: