CS 552 Information Sheet

Instructor: Brian Bershad
Lecture: T, Th 9:00--10:30 in Sieg 225
Office Hours:T: 10:30 -- 11:30
Mailing list:Send mail to majordomo@cs and ask to "subscribe cse552"

Course Projects

Project Abstracts

Please keep your project pages up to date. If I don't have a link to your page, then I need to assume that you've not proposed anything.

Paper for Thurs Feb 13

We'll be continuing on with our discussion of transactions. If you get a chance, you might want to read the second Quicksilver paper "Recovery Management in Quicksilver" which is outside my door.


This is an advanced graduate level course on distributed systems. The focus of the readings will be on technology and infrastructure. There will be approximately 2 papers per week (one paper per lecture). I expect you to read the papers in advance of the lecture, as the lectures will use the papers as a starting point for further discussion.


You should have had an undergraduate level operating systems course, as well as a graduate level operating systems and reading course (eg, the readings from 551 will be assumed). Basic systems concepts such as scheduling, virtual memory, file systems, networking will be assumed. Basic reading and writing skills will also be assumed.

Course Work

In addition to the readings, you will be responsible for:

The Course Project

The course project is intended to encourage you to think, build, evaluate and write. The input should be your good idea. The output should be a solid, useful body of software and a high-quality technical report suitable for publication in a workshop or conference. The project will be graded on both input and output.

You should submit a project proposal by the end of the third week of classes. It should include the project description, motivation, and a list off any special resources that you think you might need to complete the work. It should also include a timeline with at least 2 preliminary milestones that indicate where you expect to be during the rest of the quarter. I will read your proposal and discuss it with you.

You may work in groups.


Introduction to Distributed Systems

This reading is for the first week of class.

Messaging and communication for distributed systems

Distributed Programming Support


Some Network Services

Mobile Code

Disconnected and Mobile Computing

Special Papers

Other Papers We won't read