You’ll work in groups of 2-3 for a class project. The primary requirement is that your project be something interesting. We encourage projects that involve research you are already working on, or leverage multiple classes you might be taking.

At the end of this quarter, you will be required to turn in both your code and a writeup describing the design and implementation of your project, and to make a short in-class presentation about your work. We will post your code and writeup on the course website, unless you explicitly talk to us about why you want to keep yours confidential.

We provide several examples if you want a well-defined project:

For the proposal, briefly describe the problem, why it is interesting and challenging, the state of the art, what you plan to do, and a timeline. Make sure everyone’s name/email of your group are included. Submit a writeup in PDF (at most 2 pages), using the dropbox linked on the main web page. Each group only need to submit one copy.