Reviewing papers for 551

The reading list and schedule will tell you which papers we will be covering in each class. Before class, read all papers that we will discuss, and submit a summary of each paper. Summaries should be about 3/4 of a page in length, and certainly no longer than one page.

We will be using the UW Catalyst "goPost" message board for submitting summaries. You should have access to that message board here:
If you go to this board, you should notice three discussion areas.

Inside the paper summaries discussion area, I will create one thread per paper that you will summarize. Reply to that thread to post your summary -- i.e., let's try to keep all summaries on a paper within that paper's thread.

Each of your summaries should have the following format (roughly):

  Paper title and author

  Summary of the most important ideas in the paper:

  The one or two largest flaws in the paper:

  Which contributions have stood the test of time?  Which have become
  irrelevant, and why?

  Identify a research question that this paper tickles but leaves unanswered.

David Wetherall has put together a great set of guidelines for effectively reviewing research papers; we recommend that you read through it.