Reviewing papers for 551

The reading list and schedule will tell you which papers we will be covering in each class. Before class, you must read the papers that we will discuss, and submit a summary of each paper. Summaries should be about 3/4 of a page in length, certainly no longer than one page.

Scott Rose has set up an online summary submission system for us. So, write up your summaries in a text file, and then click on the title of the paper in the reading list to be taken to a page that will allow you to submit a new summary or read existing summaries. (To state the obvious, please read the paper and write your own summary before reading the others. But do read the others!)

Each of your summaries should have the following format (roughly):

  Paper title and author

  One-line summary:

  Summary of the most important ideas in the paper:

  The one or two largest flaws in the paper:

  Relevance today, or future research suggested by this, or ...?:

David Wetherall has put together a great set of guidelines for effectively reviewing research papers; we strongly recommend that you read through it.