Final Report

Each group will submit a short (at most 12 page, minimum 6 pages - excluding references) written report using the ACM (sigconf) / Usenix two column template. Please submit the report as a PDF file on canvas.

  • Please include the names and email of all team members on the submitted report.
  • Optional: Include any links to source code or attach them as necessary (Mandatory for Groups implementing Paxos with details of the engineering implementation)

The submitted report must contain the following:

  1. An abstract summarizing the report i.e. problem, motivations, conclusions
  2. Introduction i.e. motivating the project
  3. Body of the paper
  4. Related Work
  5. Conclusion
  6. Progress since the checkpoint
  7. Goals set out to accomplish and those accomplished

Final Presentations

All the presentations will be done during the Finals week on December 15th 2021 from 2:30PM PT to 4:20 PM PT. Each group will be provided upto 12 minutes for their presentation (10 to present and 2 for Q & A). The final presentations must also be submitted on canvas. All the presentations and will be judged for the following:

  • Clarity and Substance
  • Organization and Flow
  • Presentation Length
  • Visuals which aid the presentation
  • All team members presenting during the finals

Paxos Project Demos

Groups implementing the Paxos project for their final projects need to schedule a meeting with the TA and present a working demo of Paxos running on multiple nodes before the final project submission deadline on 17th December 2021. Please refer to the submission instructions in the Paxos project description for the finer details.