CSE 548 - Winter 2004

Computer Systems Architecture


Midterm Documents

Final exam:

Readings and Lecture Notes

Monday 2/5Introduction
Wednesday 2/7 The Engineering Design of the Strech Computer
H&P Appendix A.1 - A.4 (Weighted towards the front/skim the back).
Monday 2/12 Excerpts from Design of a Computer: the Control Data 6600
Parallel Operation in the Control Data 6600
Wednesday 2/14 An Efficient Algorithm for Exploiting Multiple Arithmetic Units
HPS, a new microarchitecture: rationale and introduction
Wednesday 2/21 A Preliminary Architecture for a Basic Data-flow Processor
Two Fundamental Limits on Dataflow Multiprocessing
Monday 2/26 Very Long Instruction Word Architectures and The ELI-512
Retrospective: The ELI-512
A Design Space Evaluation of Grid Processor Architectures
Wednesday 2/28 A Study of Branch Prediction Strategies
Retrospective: A Study of Branch Prediction Strategies
H&P Pages 196-215
(If you do not have the H&P book yet) An Analysis of Correlation and Predictability: What Makes Two Level Branch Predictors Work
Optional: A Language for Describing Predictors for Automatic Synthesis
Monday 2/2 Trace Cache: A Low Latency Approach to High Bandwidth Instruction Fetching
Optional: Section in H&P about caches as background depending upon your prior experience
Wednesday 2/5 The Microarchitecture of SuperScalar Processors
Wednesday 2/18 Limits of Control Flow on Parallelism
Monday 2/23 Clock Rate versus IPC
Optimizing Pipelines for Power and Performance
Wednesday 2/25 Martha
Atri & Parag
Monday 3/1 Charlie & Chris
Tyler & Benson
Lucas & Steve
Wednesday 3/3 Swapna & Daniel
Alex & Xu
Muthu & Bhushan
Monday 3/8 Cache Coherence Protocols: Evaluation using a Multiprocessor Simulation Model
Wednesday 3/10 Read the abstracts from the papers here