In this course we discuss principles of modern data management. We will cover the fundamentals of relational modeling and query languages (SQL, Relational Algebra, Datalog), advanced optimizations (including worst-case optimal algorithms and magic sets), the architecture of modern relational database systems (including parallel database systems and column-oriented database systems), and transactions.

The first class is on January 13.

Classes on January 6 and January 8 are canceled.

Makeup lectures:

January 16 and 23, 10:30-11:50, Room CSE2 371.

Final Exam is CANCELED

New grading criteria:

Assignments: 50%
Project: 40%
Paper commentaries and class participation: 10%

Administrative Information

Dan Suciu

Course Assistant:
Walter Cai

Please see calendar for up-to-date office hours information.

Mondays, Wednesdays 10am-11:20am Room CSE2 G04.

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