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Reading List

  1. [Review due 4/2/06]  E. F. Codd. A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks. Communications of the ACM (1970).  Sections 1.1  -  1.3 Reading Questions:  What are data dependencies and why are they bad? What is data independence?
  2. [Review due 4/2/06] Joseph Hellerstein and Michael Stonebraker. "The Anatomy of a Database".  In  Readings in Database Systems , 4th edition. Sections 1 - 4.
  3. [Review due 4/9/06] Pal et al. Indexing XML Data Stored in a Relational Database. VLDB 2004.
  4. [Review due 4/9/06] Joseph Hellerstein and Michael Stonebraker. What Goes Around Comes Around. In  Readings in Database Systems , 4th edition.
  5. [No Review Required]  Donald D. Chamberlin. XQuery: An XML Query Language. IBM Systems Journal 41(4), 2002.
  6. [Review due 4/16/06]  Halpern, Harper, Immerman, Kolaitis, and Vianu. On the Unusual Effectiveness of Logic in Computer Science.
  7. [Review due 4/16/06]  Jeffrey D. Ullman. Information Integration Using Logical Views. ICDT 97.
  8. [Review due 4/23/06]  Michael Franklin. Concurrency Control and Recovery.  In The Handbook of Computer Science and Engineering. Edited by A. Tucker. CRC Press, Boca Raton, 1997. Note: Section 3.1 is optional this week, but you will be required to read it next week.
  9. [No Review Required]  Section 3.1 of the above paper for the class on 5/1/06.
  10. [Review due 5/7/06]  G. Graefe. Selections from Query Evaluation Techniques for Large Databases. ACM Computing Surveys 25(2), 1993.
  11. [Review due 5/14/06] Surajit Chaudhuri. An Overview of Query Optimization in Relational Systems. PODS 1998.
  12. [Review due 5/14/06]  Lise Getoor, Ben Taskar, Daphne Koller. Selectivity Estimation using Probabilistic Models. SIGMOD 2001.
  13. [Review due 5/21/06]  S. Rizvi, A. Mendelzon, S. Sudarshan, P. Roy. Extending query rewriting techniques for fine-grained access control. SIGMOD 2004.
  14. [Review due 5/21/06]  K. LeFevre, D. DeWitt, R. Ramakrishnan. Incognito: efficient full-domain K-anonymity. SIGMOD 2005.
  15. [No Review Required]  Chris Anley. Advanced SQL Injection in SQL Server Applications. Note: Just skimming thru this paper will be sufficient.

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