Assignment 1: SQL Queries

This assignment requires you to formulate SQL queries over a relational movie database, populated with data from the IMDB website. The database is named IMDB, and is loaded on the PostgreSQL 8.0.7 server running on You will need to log into cubist, and run psql, the command-line client for talking to the database server. You will also need to specify the name of the database you want to use, and your PostgreSQL user name. So, user xyz will run the following command:
/usr/local/pgsql/bin/psql IMDB -U xyz

Additional documentation on PostgreSQL can be found here. 

Homework Description

The database schema is shown below:
The id column in ACTOR, MOVIE & DIRECTOR tables is a key for the respective table. is a foreign key referring to, CASTS.mid refers to, MOVIE_DIRECTOR.did refers to, and MOVIE_DIRECTOR.mid refers to  Write SQL queries for the following:

  1. (8') a. List all the actors who acted in at least one film in 2nd half of the 19th century and in at least one film in the 1st half of the 20th century.
    b. List all the directors who directed a film in a leap year.
  2. (8') List all the movies that have the same year as the movie 'Shrek', but a better rank (Note: bigger value of rank implies a better rank).
  3. (8') List first name and last name of all the actors who played in the movie 'Officer 444'.
  4. (8') List all directors in descending order of the number of films they directed.
  5. (8')  a. Find the film(s) with the largest cast.  
    b. Find the film(s) with the smallest cast.
    In both cases, also return the size of the cast. List the largest and smallest cast sizes you obtained in your submitted solution.
  6. (8') Find all the actors who acted in films by at least 10 distinct directors (i.e. actors who worked with at least 10 distinct directors).
  7. (8') Find all actors who acted only in films before 1960.
  8. (8') Find the films with more women actors than men.
  9. (8') For every pair of male and female actors that appear together in some film, find the total number of films in which they appear together. Sort the answers in decreasing order of the total number of films.
  10. (8') For every actor, list the films he/she appeared in their debut year. Sort the results by last name of the actor.
  11. (10') The Bacon number of an actor is the length of the shortest path between the actor and Kevin Bacon in the "co-acting" graph. That is, Kevin Bacon has Bacon number 0; all actors who acted in the same film as KB have Bacon number 1; all actors who acted in the same film as some actor with Bacon number 1 have Bacon number 2, etc. Return all actors whose Bacon number is 2.
    Bonus: Suppose you write a single SELECT-FROM-WHERE SQL query that returns all actors having finite Bacon numbers. How big is the query?
  12. (10') A decade is a sequence of 10 consecutive years. For example 1965, 1966, ..., 1974 is a decade, and so is 1967, 1968, ..., 1976. Find the decade with the largest number of films. List the answer you obtained in your submitted solution.
  13. Bonus: Rank the actors based on their popularity, and compute a list of all actors in descending order of their popularity ranks.  You need to come up with your own metric for computing the popularity ranking.  This may include information such as the number of movies that an actor has acted in, the ranks of these movies, the 'popularity' of these movies' directors (where the directors' popularity is the number of movies they have directed), etc.  Be creative in how you choose your criteria of computing the actors' popularity.   For this answer, in addition to the query, also turn in the criteria you used to rank the actors.
    Due Date: Apr 10. Email a text file containing ur ready-to-run queries to Bhushan.

    The Sample Solution is now available.