CSE 544 Class Project Instructions and Suggestions


Final project presentation schedule

Date: Wednesday, December 6th, 9:30am to 11:45am

Location: CSE 403

Please try to attend as many talks as you can.

Time Team
9:30 Travis Kriplean and Evan Welbourne
Assessing Fine Grained Access Control Techniques for Peer-Based Privacy Concerns in the RFID Ecosystem
9:45 Roxana Geambasu and Tanya Bragin
Exploiting History in a Network Intrusion Detection System
10:00 Bao Nguyen and Thach Nguyen
Selective Sharing of Personal Files
10:15 Abhay Kumar Jha
Rewriting queries to handle Self-Joins in MystiQ
10:30 Natalie Linnell and Sandra Fan
Searching Classroom Lecture Videos Augmented with Slides and Ink
10:45 Ben Lerner and Stephen Friedman
Identifying Musical Themes using Streaming Databases
11:00 Zeinab Abbassi
A Weblog Recommender System Based on Random Walks and Spectral Methods
11:15 Brian DeRenzi and Yaw Anokwa
Flakey: An Archival System for Unreliable Sensor Streams in Stream Processing Engines



A large portion (35%) of your grade in 544 consists of a final project. This project is meant to be a substantial independent research or engineering effort related to material we have studied in class. Your project may involve a comparison of systems we have read about, an application of database techniques to a system you are familiar with, or be a database-related project in your research area.

This document describes what is expected of a final project and proposes some possible project ideas.

What is expected

Good class projects can vary dramatically in complexity, scope, and topic. The only requirement is that they be related to something we have studied in this class and that they contain some element of research -- e.g., that you do more than simply engineer a piece of software that someone else has described or architected. To help you determine if your idea is of reasonable scope, we will arrange to meet with each group several times throughout the semester.

Project schedule:

Hand-in details

As part of the project, you need to hand-in the following three documents.

Project proposals

Format: up-to 2 pages in length, 2-columns, 10pt font, single-spaced. You can use one of many standard conference proceedings formats.

The proposal should include

Project milestone

Format: up-to 4 pages in length, 2-columns, 10pt font, single-spaced

The report should include:

Project final report

Format: up-to 8 pages in length, 2-columns, 10pt font, single-spaced

You should model the content of your report on the papers we were reading this quarter. The report should include at least the following information:


Project ideas

The following is a list of possible project ideas; you are not required to choose from this list -- in fact, we encourage you to try to solve a problem of your own choosing! If you are interested in working on one of these projects, contact Prof. Balazinska.

When you look for related work, the main database conferences are: SIGMOD/PODS, VLDB, ICDE, and CIDR. The main database journals are TODS, VLDBJ, DEB, and SIGMOD Record.