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 Reading Assignments
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Reading List

  1. [No review required]  Chapter 1 of the Greenspun's online book.
  2. [No review required]  Reading: Chapters 2 and 3 of the Greenspun's book.
  3. [Review due 4/14/04] Simeon, Wadler: The essence of XML. POPL 2003.
    A short Primer on XML Schema is here.

    Other suggested readings: (No review required)


  4. [Review due 4/19/04] J. Shanmugasundaram, K. Tufte, C. Zhang, G. He, D. J. DeWitt, J. F. Naughton. Relational Databases for Querying XML Documents: Limitations and Opportunities. VLDB 1999.
  5. [Review due 4/26/04] M.J. Carey, D.J DeWitt. Of Objects and Databases: A Decade of Turmoil. VLDB 1996
  6. [Review due 4/28/04] (Only the first 3 Sections) Halpern, Harper, Immerman, Kolaitis, and Vianu. On the Unusual Effectiveness of Logic in Computer Science.
  7. [Review due 5/3/04] Jeffrey D. Ullman. Information Integration Using Logical Views.ICDT 1997.
  8. [Review due 5/5/04] Todd Green et al.Processing XML Streams with Deterministic Automata.
  9. [Review due 5/19/04] G. Graefe. Query Evaluation Techniques for Large Databases. ACM Computing Surveys 25(2), 1993.
    Note: this is a very long paper. Start reading early.
  10. [Review due 5/24/04] P. Selinger, M. Astrahan, D. Chamberlin, R. Lorie, T. Price. Access Path Selection in a Relational Database Management System. SIGMOD 1979.
  11. [Review due 5/24/04] S. Chaudhuri. An Overview of Query Optimization in Relational Systems. PODS 1998.

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