Assignment 1: Dynamic web content
due Tuesday, Jan 23

In this assignment you will create a small website to provide an interface to a database of movie listings. The website allows users both to search for movies with keywords, and to browse movie-theaters and movies by navigating between them. 

The database provided represents theater listings from theaters in the Seattle area, and consists of five tables: MOVIES, THEATERS, DISTRICTS, MOVIES2THEATERS, THEATERS2DISTRICTS. You can preview the data by following the links above, although you will be provided with an SQL script to generate the database in its entirety.

You have to construct a website with the following structure:

Website Overview

To accomplish this task you will need to do two things.  First you need to create a database in SQL Server from a script using the Query Analyzer  Second, you will write CGI bin scripts in Perl to generate the web pages dynamically from the database. You will be given an account on a new web server "cubist" with a liberal CGI programming policy. (For security reasons CGI programs are restricted on the regular cs web server.) You will write a series of CGI scripts in Perl which provide a web form for user input, interface with the database instance you created, and return html content. These are the suggested tools for completing the assignment. If you prefer different methods, you are free to use them at your own risk.

Getting Started