CSE 544:  Principles of Database Management Systems

Spring 2000

Drumheller FountainInstructor

Alon Levy, alon@cs.washington.edu
Sieg 310, 543-8099, office hours: Weds 3:30-4:30

Teaching Assistants

Bart Niswonger, bart@cs.washington.edu
Sieg 233

Stefan Saroiu, tzoompy@cs.washington.edu
Sieg 428


The classes are held in EE1 025, WF: 12:00-1:20. There will be no classes for the week of May 15th due to the SIGMOD / PODS conference. To make up for the lost time, there will be two extra lectures. Click here for the full schedule.


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This is the breakdown of the schedule for completing the projects.

See this document for project ideas.

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