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 CSE 527, Au '04: Reading Assignment #1, Due: 10/8/04
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Find and read a good primer on some topic that you feel is a course-related weakness. E.g., if your background is primarily in CS, find a "bio for computer scientists" primer, or something on "computing for biologists" if your background is primarily in biology, something on probability and statistics if you feel that's a gap, etc.

Email me (ruzzo at cs) and Kasia (kasiaw at cs) a link and/or citation to the paper you read, together with a few sentences about it. E.g., give me critique of it for meeting your needs. Who would it have been good for, if not you? Highlight something from it that you found especially interesting or surprising.

You may pick a paper from anywhere; here are a few starter suggestions:

As we get email from you, we'll post interesting additions here. And note that the analogous web page from last year's class has links to/critiques of other sources, which may help you find something to suit your needs.

Please Note:

To simplify the chore of editing your answers for the web, please format your email as follows: We and our carpal tunnels thank you!

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