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 CSE 524, WI '08 - Parallel Algorithms
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 Assignment0 1/9/08
 Assignment1 1/25/08
 Assignment3 2/4/08
 Assignment4 2/11/08
 Assignment5 2/13/08
 Assignment6 2/20/08
 Assignment7 2/25/08
 Assignment8 2/29/08
 Assignment9 3/12/08
Time: MW 13:30-2:50
Place: CSE 503
Instructor:Larry Snyder (snyder)
Office hours: by arrangement
TA:Philipp Krähenbühl
Class Email:cse524 at cs. Your Subscription
Make sure that you sign up for the class email list. Use the link above if you aren't receiving emails. Feel free to use the list to ask/answer questions; often, many of your classmates have the same question and/or know the1 answers. Instructor and TAs read the list, too.


Principles of Parallel Programming, Calvin Lin and Lawrence Snyder, Addison Wesley, 2008


We have a class on Fri 2/29/08 in CSE 674 (Irish Room).

We have a class on Fri 2/8/08 in CSE 128.

Catalog Description:

Design and analysis of parallel algorithms: fundamental parallel algorithms for sorting, arithmetic, matrix and graph problems and additional selected topics. Emphasis on general techniques and approaches used for developing fast and efficient parallel algorithms and on limitations to their efficacy.

Prerequisites: CSE major and CSE 521. Credits: 3

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