CSE512 Data Visualization (Winter 2014)

Useful Resources

If you have other interesting visualization tool, resource, tutorial, example, please post on piazza in the resources or interesting-vis folder to share with your classmates.


Visualization Toolkits

A variety of useful toolkits have been designed to help support information visualization applications. Some include support for the full visualization pipeline from data to interactive graphics, while others focus only on a subset, typically graphics and interaction.

  • D3 - A JavaScript library for data-driven DOM manipulation, interaction and animation. Includes utilities for visualization techniques and SVG generation.
  • Processing and Processing.js - A popular Java-like graphics and interaction language and IDE. Processing has a strong user community with many examples.
  • Protovis - JavaScript visualization language, predecessor of d3.
  • HTML/!JavaScript/XML - use standard web technologies to build the visualization. You may use libraries such as jQuery, Dojo, and the Google Maps API to help build your visualization.
  • PolyMaps – create map displays with JavaScript & SVG
  • Flare - Visualization toolkit for Adobe Flash
  • Modest Maps - Mapping library for Flash
  • Prefuse - Visualization toolkit for Java
  • Improvise - Java system supporting coordinated views
  • InfoVis Toolkit - A Java visualization library, from INRIA France
  • Piccolo - A Java library for zoomable UIs, from the University of Maryland (Java and .NET)
  • VTK - A scientific visualization library (C++ with wrappers for other languages)

Statistical Data Analysis Tools

  • Tableau for Student– get Tableau free license as a student.
  • Tableau Public - a free version of Tableau which publishes to the web
  • GGplot2 - a graphics language for R
  • GGobi - visualizations for multivariate data
  • Improvise - a visualization tool supporting a variety of visualization types
  • ParVis - software for parallel coordinates
  • TimeSearcher - interface for time-series data from U Maryland
  • TreeMap - tree-mapping software from U Maryland

Network Analysis Tools

  • NodeXL graph analysis plug-in for Excel
  • Gephi - a graph analysis application
  • GUESS - a combined visual/scripting interface for graph analysis
  • Pajek - another popular network analysis tool
  • NetworkX - graph analysis library for Python
  • SNAP - graph analysis library for C++

Color Tools

Web Development Tools

  • Beginner? Start with Sublime Text with Emmet and SublimeLinter/JSHint
  • Like IDE and willing to pay? Webstorm is a good option.
  • Dash is great for quick documentation look up in Mac.

Tutorials & Tips

In addition to our workshops, these tutorials could be useful for Assignment 3, final project, and your future visualization work.




Git & Github

Data Sets