CSE 510: Advanced Topics in Human-Computer Interaction

Spring Quarter 2001

Class time and location: MW 9:00-10:20 am, MEB 250.

Instructor: Alan Borning
Teaching Assistant: A.J. Bernheim Brush

Topics, Schedule, and Assignments

There is no required textbook -- we will primarily be reading papers from the HCI literature. The following book is recommended: Contextual Design, by Hugh Beyer and Karen Holtzblatt, ISBN 1-55860-411-1, Morgan-Kaufman.

Other Graduate UW CSE HCI Courses

The current offering will be most similar to the
  • CSE 595 Winter 2000 offering, in particular in the fairly extensive readings of recent papers and use of paper reviews. All of the courses had a substantial project component, and you can browse past projects in those webs.