How To Use the Course Software

Machines for Use

For most languages, students are supposed to use the DEC Alpha's sanjuan and orcas for programming in this class. So the first step is to rlogin to one of these machines. For Smalltalk, it is installed on the machines in the PClabs (231,232).

Language Specifics


With NT4.0, apparently we can't have a common shortcut for server-based applications, as our ST implementation is. For now, I recommend just directly starting ST up. To do this, you do roughly the following:

And Smalltalk should start up. Then go to the Environment Setup Information to set up smalltalk (THIS IS CRUCIAL). The information here is about changing the settings (THIS IS CRUCIAL) and on saving/reading ("filing out" and "filing in") your code. (These pages are from earlier classes, when Smalltalk was run under NT 3.51. But the Smalltalk part itself should be the same.) The following material is an example of using smalltalk to build a stack.


When using the instructional Alphas, the scheme program can be found in:


This will bring up the Scheme interpreter.

(You may want to put /cse/courses/misc_lang/axp/mit-scheme-7.3/bin in your search path, in which case you can just type scheme to run it.)

To use Scheme from EMACS, you should add the following function to your .emacs file:

(defun mit-scheme ()
  (load "/cse/courses/misc_lang/axp/mit-scheme-7.3/lib/emacs/lisp/xscheme.el")
  (load "/cse/courses/cse505/97au/software/scheme-mode.el")
  (run-scheme "/cse/courses/misc_lang/axp/mit-scheme-7.3/bin/scheme"))
Now you can start MIT Scheme by typing Meta-x mit-scheme in EMACS.


ML for the alphas is in:


This will bring up the Standard ML interpreter. control-d exits.


Haskell for the alphas is in:


This will bring up the Haskell interpreter. control-d exits.

General Info

Scheme, ML, and Haskell for alphas and solaris is available in the /cse/courses/misc_lang directories. The alpha binaries are in /cse/courses/misc_lang/axp/ directory and the solaris binaries are in /cse/courses/misc_lang/solaris/ directory.

The versions installed are:

ML 109.30 (sml)
Haskell 1.4 (hugs-1.4)
Mit scheme 7.3 (mit-scheme-7.3)