Runing Caml and Editing Caml with Emacs

The programming assignments in CSE505 will use the OCaml dialect of ML. You may use any remotely recent version of OCaml (nothing we do should depend on a particular version).

Let the course staff know if you have problems or questions. Suggestions and updates are also very welcome.

Installing OCaml

Running OCaml

In general, you can use ocaml to experiment on the fly, and ocamlc to compile an entire file at once. To exit ocaml's read-eval-print loop, either use Ctrl+D (may not work on all platforms) or "exit 0;;" (works anywhere).

For more information, see part III of the system manual:

Editing OCaml in Emacs

We recommend using Emacs with tuareg-caml-mode for editing your code. It does syntax highlighting and indents your code well (hit tab to re-indent a line). Installation and configuration instructions follow. (It is also possible to compile or run the read/eval/print loop from within Emacs, but using the command-line for compiling and running is likely easier.)

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