CSE 505 Homework Turnin Instructions

These are the turnin instructions for HW1. If it turns out to work well, we'll probably keep doing the same thing. If not, I'll come up with something else.
        -- Andy

General Instructions

Email all source files to me (acollins@cs.washington.edu). Put "CSE505 HW1" in the subject, so I'll know it isn't spam. I prefer to work with attachments (MIME), but I can deal with inline text if necessary. Send all parts in one email.

If you want to submit the written parts by email, feel free to do so. I can handle Postscript, Acrobat, Microsoft Word, and LaTeX source files (and of course ASCII, but that isn't sufficient to express all the math in the homework).

Paper turnin (for the written parts only), can be done in class, or put in my mailbox ("Collins, Maurice (Andy)"). Make sure you put your name on it.

If you want to supercede a turnin (either paper or email), make a note so that I'll know which is the latest version.

Written Parts

[1.(a); 1.(c); 2.(a); 2.(b); 2.(c); 3.(a); 3.(c); 4.(c); 4.(d)]

Paper turnin should be obvious. If you want to do email submission, then put all the answers in one file, and make sure you keep a copy in case something goes wrong and I have to come back for a hardcopy.

O'Caml Parts

[0.(a); 0.(b); 1.(b); 2.(d); 3.(b); 4.(a); 4.(b)]

All O'Caml files should be independent of anything else in your turnin. By default, I will run each of them separately, and, where appropriate, include my copy of the support code we gave you (e.g. the interpreter files other than interp.ml). Let me know if there are any special instructions.

I'd prefer both parts to question 0 in one file named trees.ml (as it says in the assignment document). There shoudn't be any conflicts between the integer trees and the polymorphic trees, but if there are then its okay to split them into two files.

For all the other questions, submit your modified interpreter file(s) (interp.ml). The division in the homework into interp1.ml for 1.(b), 2.(d), and 3.(b). and interp2.ml for 4.(a) and 4.(b) is preferred, but not required. If you need to break it up differently to make your solution work (due to conflicts or anything else) then do so. Make sure that each of your files works when combined with only the original support code from the assignment, and use comments to point out where your changes are and which questions they are directed at solving.