CSE 505 - Constraint Logic Programming


We'll discuss the two Garcia de la Banda and Fruwirth papers in class October 15. Please read the required paper before class (and if you are so inclined the optional ones).

Assignment: please post a one or two-paragraph review of the "Building Constraint Solvers with HAL" on the 505 HAL ePost bulletin board. This is due before class on Oct 15. Your review should describe the main points that the article tries to make. Also, describe what you liked, disliked, found interesting or found unclear. Please do your own review before reading the reviews of others; but after you post your review, please do feel free to browse, and add replies if you are so inclined. The reviews for 505 will be graded credit/no credit, so don't agonize over them.

Slides from lectures

These are in Powerpoint format. The Powerpoint slides are adapted from Peter Stuckey's slides - the originals available at http://www.cs.mu.oz.au/~pjs/book/course.html)

Other Material