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 CSE 490N: Accessibility Capstone Preparation - Autumn 2009
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About the Autumn Quarter 2009 Seminar

The purpose of this seminar is to introduce undergraduate students, who are planning to take the Accessibility Capstone in winter quarter 2010 (see description below), to the accessibility technology and research area. Student will hear lectures from and discuss ideas with researchers, practitioners, and users of accessible technology. The focus will be on mobile devices. Students are expected to to prepare a 4 page project proposal to earn credit.

Accessibility Capstone Description, Winter Quarter 2010

As cell phones become more capable with connectivity with the internet and sensors such as cameras, compasses, GPS, and accelerometers, there are opportunities to use them as accessibility or assistive devices. In this capstone, students will work in teams to create new applications on cell phones that allow persons with disabilities to accomplish tasks that would be difficult to impossible to do without the applications. An example would be an application for a blind person that would take a picture of a bar code on a product, decode it, look it up on the internet, then speak the name of the product. There will be brainstorming sessions with practitioners in the assistive technology industry and with users to help students develop viable concepts for applications. Teams will then implement and test their concepts as working applications. Teams will prepare written reports on their applications and present their applications in a public poster session where persons with disabilities will be invited.


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